Sustainable Preservation Strategies

Image Permanence Institute Director, James Reilly, explains how IPIs tools and analysis methods have lead to a management approach that balances the long-term preservation of collections with the sustainable operation of mechanical systems. By considering the general equilibration rates of collection materials and using the Preservation Metrics to interpret environmental data, IPI believes it is possible to implement energy-saving HVAC operations that could benefit long-term preservation of collections.

IPI’s Preservation Management Approach

Image Permanence Institute Director, James Reilly, explains IPIs approach to managing collection environments for preservation. After years of research on the processes and mechanisms of collection decay, IPI has developed a new approach that enables cultural institutions to understand and improve the long-term preservation of collection materials.

Understanding HVAC Systems

Image Permanence Institute Director, James Reilly, discusses the importance of understanding HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) systems and outdoor climate patterns when managing environments for museum or library collections. Because HVAC systems modify the outdoor air to create the indoor environments surrounding collection objects, it is essential for preservation staff to have a basic knowledge of how these systems work and how their operation impacts the preservation of the collections.