Frequently asked questions…

  1. What is the workshop schedule?
    The workshop takes two full days and we strongly encourage you to be in attendance for both. Each day the presentation begins at 9:00 AM and continues until 5:00 PM, with AM, PM, and lunch breaks. Food and beverages will be provided at each break

  3. Why do you encourage facilities staff to attend?
    This series was designed to enable collections care and facilities staff to work together to manage the environment to reach both preservation and energy savings goals. If at all possible send a team from your institution. A joint learning experience for both collection care and facility management staff (ideally with administrative support) is the best way to build a shared sense of direction and purpose. To truly achieve an optimal and sustainable environment these individuals need to communicate effectively, work cooperatively, and become partners in environmental management.

  5. Can I participate in a webinar if I didn’t attend a workshop?
    Yes. We strongly encourage workshop attendees to take advantage of the webinars, but they are open to any and all interested parties. You can sign up for one or all webinars. Keep checking the website for exact presentation dates.

  7. Are the presentations open to US territories, like Puerto Rico? How about foreign countries?
    Yes – for both workshops and webinars. Although the project is federally funded, no funds will be given to or taken from participants. You may also want to consider accessing the webinars when they are presented, to save on travel costs.

  9. Can more than one person from my institution attend?
    Yes – as noted above we encourage teams of facilities and collections staff to attend together – administrators too. Most workshop venues do have a limit, usually its 100 people – once that number is reached registration will be closed. That’s why we prefer that people who have registered and then decide that they can’t attend let us know well in advance. We always have waiting lists of people who can take their place.

  11. Are these workshops geared only to working professionals? Can graduate students attend for example?
    Absolutely. We provide information that will be very helpful to collection care and facilities staff at all levels, as well as to students preparing for a career in these fields.

  13. My institution has a small budget—are there any funds available to help pay for my travel expenses?
    Unfortunately, no. Grant funds are limited and are used to cover all the costs associated with each presentation. For workshops this cost averages $300 to $400 per person. You may be able to approach supporters of your own institution to cover travel costs. If you absolutely can’t afford the travel you can still get a lot of information out of the webinar series and by downloading a PDF of the guidebook from the project website.

  15. Do I need to bring a laptop?
    No, you don’t need to but you may find it useful IF the venue you attend has WIFI available in the presentation space.