Consulting Services

IPI provides a unique range of services designed to meet the needs of museums, archives, and libraries of all sizes. IPI Preservation Environment Specialists offer a background that combines an extensive knowledge of preservation and the impact of temperature and humidity on the rate of material decay with a holistic understanding of mechanical system design and operation. Click here for a PDF with detailed information and rates for these services

Services include:
  • Basic Environmental Monitoring and Data Analysis – Understand the Storage Environment and its Effect on Collections
  • Mechanical System Analysis and Optimization – Get the Best Storage Environment Possible from Your Current System
  • Mechanical System Design Consultation – Ensure that Investments in HVAC Upgrades Pay Off in Improved Storage Conditions
  • Preservation Commissioning – Third Party Verification that Newly Installed Systems Provide Optimal Preservation and Energy Efficient Operation

IPI’s Environmental Management Tools

Environmental monitoring is the necessary first step to sustainable preservation management in cultural institutions. IPI develops and produces the only environmental monitoring and data analysis tools designed specifically for use in cultural institutions.

  • PEM2® – a highly-accurate temperature and humidity datalogger
  • eClimateNotebook™ – web-based environmental data analysis software
  • IPI’s Preservation Metrics™ – specially-designed calculations that allow easy analysis of chemical, biological, and mechanical decay rates to identify the level of collection risk in monitored locations

IPI’s Guide to Sustainable Preservation Practices for Managing Storage Environments

The guidebook developed for Sustainable Preservation Practices—Series II is available for purchase through IPI’s online store. The survey of workshop participants asked if the information in the guidebook would be beneficial to them and at each venue 100% of respondents said yes. Many listed the guidebook as one of the most valuable aspects of the workshop. Responses included:

    • “The Guidebook is very well organized and has a level of detail that is helpful and appropriate, both to supplement this workshop and to stand alone.”
    • “The careful, balanced, analytic work is what we need to transform our data gathering into useful information and action.”
    • “The Guidebook constitutes a guideline for the decisions we have to make to improve our conditions.”

More information and how to order the guidebook


Education and Training Projects

IPI offers onsite environmental management training tailored to fit the needs of your institution. We can also present talks or workshops at your institution for both your staff and colleagues at neighboring organizations on a range of topics associated with preservation. Based on your interest, these presentations can include Sustainable Practices for Managing the Environment for Preservation, Developing an Environmental Monitoring Program, The Effect of Environment on Collection Materials, Energy Saving Opportunities in Cultural Institutions, and much more.

Contact Angelique Armstrong to discuss your needs: